Insurance Claims

Fraudulent insurance claims are an ever-increasing problem, resulting in higher premiums for all and costing insurance companies money. As an example of the problem, the AA revealed that while Britain has a lower motor-vehicle accident rate than our European neighbours, it has a higher frequency of Personal Injury claims.

Hogan International work within the insurance sector assessing suspect and possibly fraudulent claims. Drawing on a range of skills and technologies we are able to investigate insurance claims to a satisfactory conclusion. Our insurance claims specialists will combine: surveillance, data mining, lifestyle checks and covert operations to produce a chain of evidence. Detailed reports will be produced and the integrity of the evidence is assured.

You may require us to undertake witness interviews and provide claims and investigation reports. Hogan International will provide you with a fast and discreet insurance claim assessment.

In the event of a claim being made against your company, Hogan International may be of assistance in preparing your defence.

Contact Hogan International to discuss any insurance claims and investigation requirements