Covert Surveillance

The primary goal of any surveillance operation is to remain unseen and undetected. If the target even suspects that they are the subject of a surveillance team, then the operation is wasted. The key to such an operation is good planning ability, experience and skill. It's for this reason that we offer our covert surveillance service with confidence since we have an abundance of talent available in these areas.

Our International team of specialist personnel will first begin by gathering information about the subject and formulate a plan for the operation. Once we're underway, the target will remain totally unaware that they are being followed and their movements and conversations recorded by our experts.

Once concluded, our clients will be provided with a full and detailed report containing all the information we were able to gather. Photographs, videos, audio recordings and a list of movements and people met with. We consider our service when it comes to Covert Surveillance to be second-to-none.

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